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Our Company

Image Established in 1985, MEGA Pacific has a long and proud involvement in the importation and distribution of Hydraulics in the Australian and New Zealand Markets.

As a Distributor of quality European brands and a quality manufacturer in its own right, MEGA Pacific is focused on delivering the best quality Industrial Hydraulic components at the best possible prices.

MEGA Pacific will continue to grow in the Australian market, striving to be "the only alternative" for quality Industrial Hydraulic components.

Our Vision

MEGA Pacific is proud to provide only Quality European Industrial Hydraulic Components in Australia and New Zealand. It is focused on bringing to the market some of the worlds most exciting emerging brands in Industrial Hydraulics.

Our Vision is:

"To provide our customers with a range of products of such quality and price competitiveness that we are considered to be the only alternative for Industrial Hydraulic Components throughout Australia and New Zealand "

Our Team

MEGA Pacific has a fantastic team working every day towards the Vision of our Company.

Based in Victoria and with the support of the MEGA Pacific group throughout Australia and New Zealand.

MEGA Pacific Group - Winner Of BRW Momentum Mid-Market Award

MEGA Pacific has recently been announced as the BRW GE Capital Momentum Mid-Market Awards 2013. The prestigious award was won due to the Teams commitment & dedication to MEGA Pacific & its customers. Establishing a Leadership Group has been a major strategy. The Group has developed a highly accountable team environment focusing on both driving the Vision & supporting the Team in both guidance & training. MEGA Pacific has extended the scope of our existing importation & distribution to include innovative designs & product development including the Australian Made TIPX range, which focused on emerging safety concerns, & the HYD80 Airmobil compressor. Over the last few years MEGA Pacific has opened new branches in Perth & Arndell Park. The Victorian branch relocated to new premises in Dandenong South & New Zealand company, CC Hydraulics., was acquired to service the NZ market. BRW GE Capital Momentum Mid-Market Awards 2013 recognised that MEGA Pacific is a 100% Australian owned family business with a driven Leadership Group & enthusiastic Team who continues to give our customers the best possible service & products.


The EGO remote control is C-Tick approved with each controller having a unique code preventing interference from other devices, external or unidentified systems. Made from highly resistant moulded plastic and silicone rubber keypad, the EGO has protection level IP65, is watertight and can operate from a temperature of -20 degrees C to 55 degrees C. A 128 x 128 LCD display enables functions to be identifiable by text sentences and or graphics. With an operating range of up to 150 metres, the EGO allows operators to activate the hydraulic system from a safe distance. The EGO weighs only 240 grams and is suitable for all users due to the size of the control, key proportions and spacing. Logos, colours and button positions can be customised for individual requirements. The Sistematica range has many features including ‘Tilting Hand Technology’ and ‘Safety Point’. Using Tilting Hand Technology the operator is able to have full system proportional control with a simple tilt of their hand. If safety and control positioning are paramount then Safety Point is for you. When the operator selects the function the controller will not activate the output unless the operator is aiming the remote to the safety point. The EGO is part of an exciting range to suit any applications that requires a quality product to stand up to the heaviest of tasks. It is ideal for all types of vehicles & applications including car carriers, road maintenance vehicles, farm & agricultural equipment.

Whats New From Hydro Leduc...LOTS! Here is just a taste

TXV Pump Bi-Rotational

Image The new Leduc TXV130 indexable variable displacement piston pump is suitable for either clockwise or counter clockwise rotation by simply changing the position of a setting screw which rotates the valve plate through 15°. This offers order and stock optimization for the customer: no further need to wait for the truck PTO to identify the pump model, no need to stock both directions: one pump can do it all! The TXV 130 is supplied complete with inlet fitting. This model adds to the range of TXV variable pumps for truck PTO mount, available from 40cc to 150cc, and also with through shaft option.

Dual porting now a standard for Megaram


Now "The Only Alternative" for line mount valves


Image With an expanding range of quality UK manufactured Agricultural cylinders, we are pleased announce greater flexibility with the introduction of dual porting across the range as standard. This innovation offers our stockists around Australia greater flexibility. Do you have a unique requirement? then call MEGA Pacific today to see why we are "The Only Alternative".

Did you know MEGA Industrial have a full range of quality European manufactured flow control, single/dual over center, single / dual pilot check valves and safety valves just to name few designed to service the OEM and reseller markets. With a range that is growing by the minute, browse our online catalogue today or why not give us a call to discuss your requirements.

MEGA supports "Weekend To End Woman's Cancer"

Thank you to all our staff and customers for your support and contributions towards the 2014 Peter Mac "Weekend To End Woman's Cancers" fundraiser. The 60 km walk took place recently over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of March and saw a total amount of 3.6 million dollars raised for the event and 1401 walkers hitting the pavement for this great cause.

Read Our Latest Atrtical

Image Click on the image to read the upcoming article featured in the November issue of Trailer Magazine

What our customers say about us

“When working on my latest design trailers I needed to work with a company that had a product depth that allowed for innovative solutions and of course Mega Pacific was the first that came to mind”. “I have worked with MEGA for many years for my hydraulic solutions as they are the only company that can offer support Nationally”. “When we were working through my requirements the EGO series radio remote ticked all the boxes offering the greatest flexibility, clear LCD display not to mention the plug and play approach to the package”. John Riani - Managing Director Inair Custom Trailers

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